15 Free Printable Minions Coloring Pages: The Rise of Gru

Printable Minions Coloring Pages: The Rise of Gru Edition. The Minions are cartoon characters from the Despicable Me movie franchise. The main evil of the movies, Gru, is represented frequently wearing overalls and goggles, while minions are his devoted subordinates.

In this, Bob and Kevin have two eyes and Stuart has one eye as well as spherical eyeglasses above them that are joined by such a black ring. Minions appear yellow. He is also renowned for using uncouth language and acting awkwardly.

In any movie the villain in it is stronger than the hero in that movie but in the end truth wins. Hence, the movie is called Minions: Rise of Gru.

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Minions are now very popular and are ruling the hearts of kids. TV shows, movies, video games, and toys featuring Minions can be found at your local mall.

You can observe the humor in the minions from the cartoon characters throughout both the cartoon and the movies. They always look confused whether it’s their cartoons or movies.

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We have designed a collection of free minions coloring pages for kids or adults that you will undoubtedly enjoy printing, coloring, and giving to your kids. You teach them to color the drawings to help them recognize the color’s as they complete them. Even if you are looking for a yellow color to color the minions, you can use a brush pen, Sketch Pen Set or watercolor.

But remember one thing as you color your favorite Minions pages and keep having fun with them.

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Top 15 Minions Coloring Pages: The Rise of Gru – Fun for All Ages

Minions coloring pages

Minions coloring pages

In the first Minions coloring pages we see Bob and Stuart having a conversation with him holding a smart controller. In this you are given an opportunity to use excellent colors.

Minions coloring picture

Minions coloring picture
In this Minions coloring picture, you can see Kevin pulling on Bob’s glasses. If he leaves it, Bob can be very hard. You can have a lot of fun while coloring it.

Free printable minions coloring pages

Free printable minions coloring pages
Stuart has fallen in love with bananas in this free printable coloring pages for kids. While coloring it, while coloring the bananas you should give it another color instead of yellow so it will look very pretty.

Baby minions coloring pages

Baby minions coloring pages
Cute minions coloring pages

Cute minions coloring pagesEvil minions coloring pages

Evil minions coloring pagesFree minions coloring pages

Free minions coloring pagesGirl minions coloring pages

Girl minions coloring pagesMinions coloring book

Minions coloring book

All these characters are from Despicable Me. You will learn how to draw minions cartoons and color them. It looks as good as it looks and would love to paint it.

Minions coloring page

Minions coloring pageMinions coloring page pdf
Minions coloring page pdf

Minions coloring pages for kids
Minions coloring pages for kids

Minions coloring pages printable

Minions coloring pages printableMinions coloring sheet

Minions coloring sheetPrintable minions coloring pages
Printable minions coloring pages

We hope you will like the 16 minions pictures given in this, after coloring them you can mail us on our e-mail id car.


  • Why did the Minions get banned?

Ans: As far as I know Minions has not been banned outright. However, particular Minion products, including such games, have been recalled or banned in some nations for safety issues, such as a serious choking problem.

  • Why are all Minions male?

Ans: The main minions are male, but the makers are first to see how they will appeal to the audience without making a distinction between male and female.

  • What language do Minions speak?

Ans: Minions don’t speak the language we all speak. A new fake language was created for this film. It is also called banana language.